David Thomas, master and huntsman of the Dwyryd Hunt, has been convicted of running a horrific badger-baiting ring from his hunt kennels.


RSPCA investigators found an elaborate system of pipes, artificial setts and cages at the kennels - all built to facilitate the premeditated torture of foxes and badgers by dogs. The HSA is now calling for the immediate disbanding of the Dwyryd Hunt.


This latest incident follows the closure of the South Herefordshire Hunt after their staff were filmed throwing live fox cubs to the hounds.


HSA Press Officer Lee Moon commented, "This horrifying case highlights, yet again, how hunt personnel are routinely involved in the most serious and disturbing of wildlife crimes. In press interviews following the 2005 hunt ban, Thomas made very clear his intention to become a wildlife criminal saying 'I've been doing it for 15 years and it's something you can't give up.' Perhaps if Gwynedd police had acted against Thomas at the time then these depraved acts might have been prevented."




Hunt Saboteurs Association News Release 13th January 2018

A Hunt Saboteur is in critical condition after being punched to the ground and ridden down by members of the Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers. The huntsman from the hunt was present and involved in the attack. Cameras and radios were stolen during the attack.

 Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers

Saboteurs had been following the hunt when a small group of three were lured into a premeditated attack. The injured sab was punched to the ground before being ridden over by one of the hunt horses. He is currently in hospital undergoing a CT scan and repeatedly lost consciousness after the attack. He also has a hoof print in his head.


Devon and Cornwall police are investigating the attack after being called by other members of the group whilst the attack was taking place.


Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteur Association, stated: “This was clearly a premeditated attack by a hunt that have been put under increasing pressure by South Devon Animal Rights. Unable to kill with impunity they are taking out their frustrations on those that stop them. We hope that Devon and Cornwall Police carry out a thorough investigation but given their usual pro hunt bias we won't hold our breath.”


Boxing day is the biggest day in the Fox Hunting Calendar. It's a massive propaganda event run by the Countryside Alliance to portray “trail hunting” - a harmless, legal activity supported by millions of ordinary country folk. They troll out endless pictures of happy children on horseback and contented hounds licking youngsters faces that are lapped up by the right wing media.

Fox Killed by Thurlow Hunt

The reality is somewhat different. There have so far been three confirmed kills by the Thurlow Hunt in Suffolk, the Cheshire Forest Hunt and the East Kent Hunt who met at Elham and killed at Etching Hill. All three kills were witnessed and have been reported to the police and the Thurlow huntsman has been arrested by Suffolk Police.

Arrest at Tradegar

Elsewhere supporters of the Grove and Rufford Hunt in Nottinghamshire threw rocks at a vehicle belonging to Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs smashing a window and causing damage to the bodywork

Fox Killed by Cheshire Forest.  Credit Cheshire Against the Cull.

Fox Killed by Cheshire Forest. Credit Cheshire Against the Cull.

In Tredegar, South Wales, a supporter of the Tredegar farmers hunt was arrested for assault after clashing with protestors and hounds have run amok on the A55 in North Wales causing traffic chaos. Witnesses claim a fox was killed by a car whilst trying to escape the hounds who are believed to belong to the Eryri Hunt.

Fox Killed by Cheshire Forest. Credit Cheshire Against the Cull2

Fox Killed by Cheshire Forest. Credit Cheshire Against the Cull.

Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “If this is what hunts are happy to do when the eyes of the world are on them imagine how they behave the rest of the year.  Most hunts act as if the hunting Act doesn't exist and they flout the ban with impunity. Trail hunting is a myth created by the Countryside Alliance to allow fox hunting to continue unchecked. Hunted animals will never be safe while packs of trained dogs are allowed to rampage across the countryside. The only way the Hunting Act can be enforced is if the hunts are forced to disband.”

Smashed window


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