Hunt Saboteurs Association News Release 21st October 2020

On Saturday the 17th October a lone member of Glasgow Hunt Saboteurs was ambushed and attacked by members of the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Foxhunt.


The group had just finished a successful day sabbing the hunt, ensuring no foxes were killed, and were waiting for a pick up from their driver. On his way to pick them up the driver was blocked in by the huntsman, a paid employee of the hunt, who then got on his phone calling in thuggish hunt supporters. What followed was a violent, cowardly attack against the lone occupant of the vehicle, who is registered disabled, that resulted in injuries to the individual as well as the rear window of his car being smashed.


Since the new huntsman arrived last season there has been a steady increase in aggression from the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire - initially increased tension then fights to now attacking lone disabled sabs in a seemingly premeditated attack. The hunt had been gunning for a fight all day but unable to get a response from the main group of sabs decided to go after the lone driver.

smashed window

A member of Glasgow sabs said: “We were due to be picked up to go home after a successful day when a lone sab driver was deliberately blocked in by the huntsman- who could be seen on the phone just moments before hunt thugs arrived. The thugs then smashed the sabs car and violently assaulted him. Our sab was alone, is registered disabled and needs his car to get about.”


Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Cowardly attacks against lone sabs is what we've come to expect from the hunting community who are only brave when they massively outnumber their opponents. The Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire Hunt can rest assured that such violence won't deter us, an attack on one of us is an attack on all and Glasgow sabs have the backing and support of all sab groups.


These cowardly attacks have been reported to the police but as usual we don't expect them to investigate their cronies in the hunting community.”


Hunt Saboteurs Association News Release 4th September 2020


Mark Vincent and Ian Parkinson have abandoned their appeal over the sentence they received for releasing a captive fox to be hunted by the Kimblewick Hunt.  The pair had received 12 week prison sentences, suspended for 1 year, and community service after being found guilty of keeping a fox captive and inflicting suffering upon it in breach of the Animal Welfare Act.  Both men were employed by the Kimblewick Hunt at the time of the offence on 1st January 2019.



The prosecution came about after footage was passed to the Hunt Saboteurs Association by the Covert Film Unit showing the two men releasing a captive fox to be chased and killed by the Kimblewick hunts hounds.  Their actions not only cause unnecessary harm to the fox but were also carried out to facilitate illegal hunting.




The footage was filmed on New Years Day 2019 when the hunt met at Moreton, Thame, Oxon.  It shows the hunt terrier men using draining rods to force the fox, that they’ve been holding captive, out of a drainage pipe then being thrown into the wood for hounds to chase.  The terriermen can clearly be heard communicating with the huntsman agreeing when the best time is to release the fox which is given a brief head start so that the hunt riders experience a chase rather than a quick kill.




In her summing up the judge stated that it was high level, premeditated animal cruelty that had been done to facilitate illegal acts.  In mitigation she said the two men were clearly acting under instruction from those higher up in the hunt.


Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “It's amazing that Vincent and Parkinson had the gall to even consider an appeal considering the strength of the evidence against them.  It has been clear throughout this whole process that the two men were disposable lackeys for the masters of the Kimblewick Hunt, none of whom have been brought to justice for the role they played in this awful incident. In fact Mark Vincent, having served his purpose as a scapegoat for the hunt has now been disposed of and is now longer employed by the Kimblewick.


We still await any kind of investigation or censure by the Masters of Foxhounds Association but as we've always made quite clear, this behaviour is commonplace in hunting and the only message the MFHA will be giving it's members is – Don't get caught.

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On Wednesday the 12th August over 100 sabs descended on the Northern Peak District to disrupt the Glorious 12th, the traditional start of the grouse shooting season.  Appropriate social distancing measures were observed to ensure we kept ourselves and local communities safe whilst doing everything we could to disrupt the shooters.

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After several hours scouting the Peaks it became clear that they no longer risk shooting on the 12th in this area due to the threat posed by sabs so we moved North to the Pennines where a shoot was quickly located and stopped.  Despite checking for the rest of the afternoon no other shoots were found and sabs began their, in some cases long, journeys home.


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The Hunt Saboteurs Association is proud to have supported local groups with this mass shoot sab and we contributed a considerable fuel budget to enable groups to travel often long distances to attend.


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